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Robson Peluquero Bleaching powder (Master Mechas) 500g

Robson Peluquero Bleaching powder (Master Mechas) 500g

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Master Mechas Bleaching Powder is a dust-free, fast, uniform and progressive product, developed for all professional bleaching, reflection, balancing, stripping and hair bleaching techniques. Its self-protective formula ensures that it does not harm the hair.

This product is essential for hair bleaching, and its exclusive formula was created with the highest technology to meet the needs of each client. When used with hydrogen peroxide or ammonia, Master Mechas bleaching powder perfectly bleaches the hair, removes color pigments and opens the hair fiber to receive the desired tone.

After bleaching, hair needs treatment to hydrate and protect it from damage caused by chemicals.

How to use:
Mix the bleaching powder with hydrogen peroxide, select the strands to be bleached and apply the mixture to each strand. Let it act according to the tone you want to achieve and continue with the usual highlighting process.

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