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Organic Botox 1kg

Organic Botox 1kg

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Developed with cutting-edge technology and specially formulated with low molecular weight raw materials, it promotes the elimination of frizz through thermal realignment of the alpha and beta zones of the hair fiber. By penetrating deeply into the cortex, it forms a protective film on the hair, providing absolute nutrition, increased elasticity, exceptional shine and antioxidant power. Ultra-soft hair.

Instructions (step by step): Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo, then divide your hair and apply the product strand by strand from root to tip, starting at the nape of the neck and going up to the top, leaving a space of 0.5 cm above . the roots. The time the product works on the hair varies according to its resistance, around 30 minutes on average and 60 minutes for resistant hair. Then, rinse your hair thoroughly with water, removing 50% to 100% of the product depending on the hair structure. Brush and smooth in thin sections approximately 10 times each section.

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