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Hair Mask varnish bath

Hair Mask varnish bath

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Coconut Oil: Restorative system, acts on the hair structure, repairing the hair fiber, rich in vitamin E, strengthens and creates a protective film on the hair.

- D-Panthenol: Provides maximum hydration to the hair, providing softness, enhancing shine and reviving hair color.
- Phytokeratin: Restores lost shine, renews and hydrates all hair with a keratin bath.

Benefits for hair:

  • Super Shine to revive hair color;
  • Maximum Hydration;
  • Nutrition;
  • Hair fiber repair;
  • Softness;
  • Silkiness;
  • Hair alignment and frizz control.

How to use:

  • With clean and damp hair, apply the Forever Liss Varnish Bath Moisturizing Mask to the entire hair area, distributing it evenly and combing the hair for better product penetration;
  • Leave it to act for 10 minutes until you notice that the Varnish Bath has been absorbed by the hair;
  • Rinse normally and style as desired;
  • Tip: Use a thermal cap if desired and finish with a brush and straightener for intense shine.

Result: Hair with restored color vitality, hydrated, soft, silky and with extreme shine, full of life.

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