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Mega Red Toner 500ml

Mega Red Toner 500ml

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The 3D Toning Masks contain the exclusive Amino-Pro Color technology, a complex of amino acids and proteins with a TRIPLE ACTION system: tones, restores and protects. With high-performance pigments, they neutralize the yellow and orange tones of the hair, cooling the warm tones caused by the passage of time, chemical processes and heat tools that lead to color oxidation.

Amino-Pro Color: replenishes amino acids and proteins, reinforcing the hair structure, repairing damaged and brittle strands, acts as a thermal protector and provides plant-based UV filtration*.

ATTENTION: The neutralization result varies according to the level of hair lightening, product preparation and processing time. DO A STRAIN TEST before application. This product does not have a hair lightening function.

*Note: The term “vegetable UV filter” means “plant-based UV filter”.

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