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Zap Me Leva Black Progressive Brush

Zap Me Leva Black Progressive Brush

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Me Leva is a 100% effective treatment, developed to deeply and intensely treat damaged hair. Contains Macadamia and Coconut Oils, which return lost nutrients, promoting extreme shine, softness, alignment and giving the hair a natural appearance, without leaving it heavy and oily.

Zap Me Leva Black Progressive Brush is a traditional hair restructuring and thermal realignment for immediate reconstruction of strands, which deeply hydrates and conditions leaving them soft and shiny. They have active ingredients that adhere to the surface of the hair, promoting the sealing of the cuticles and replacement of mass, recovering the hair structure and leaving the hair hydrated and soft from the first application.

It is a treatment that provides frizz-free and perfectly straight hair. With the line's products, the professional hairdresser performs the technical service, which promotes hair repair from the inside out and helps transform damaged strands into smooth, shiny and fully aligned hair. Deeply restored, luminous and soft hair. Zap Me Leva Progressive Brush is compatible with any and all chemical processes, where hair can be washed immediately after application.

The Zap All Time Progressive Brush (red) has been discontinued and will no longer be manufactured. It was replaced by the line "Me Leva".

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